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Explore the opportunity to franchise for NRB!

NRB, the name is synonymous with beauty and styling business in India. NRB beauty salon is today a leader and a trend setter in the beauty and styling industry. Its innovations in the various formats have been resounding successes. Moreover NRB has created and perfected a franchise system which has proven to be a successful business model, sp¬elling a win-win situation to all partners.

Your Benefits

  • Independence & security – This means gaining an identity and establishment of the same through efficient and high standards of service, improved customer patronage for better profits.
  • Growth while being part of an expanding network and an established brand – While you help in expansion of the brand through franchising, you grow with us
  • Share a common pool of resources, growth strategies and information – A more organized and goal-oriented approach and methods for better profits
  • Shared and divided spend for marketing and advertising – In simpler terms, lesser or reduced costs for you
  • On-going training and management support –Improved staff management and quality of customer care
  • Save time, effort and money on expansion and concentrate on core business – Focus on main area of business generation and expansion
  • Work “on” the business, not necessarily “in” the business – Keep tab on improving the service reach and concentrate on widening its spectrum rather than the immediate and surface aspects.

Why NRB?

  • Only chain of beauty salons with several formats
  • Our franchise business model is profitable
  • Committed to maintain a strong brand equity
  • Emerging as the biggest salon brand in India

NRB's Role:

  • Guides you to find a suitable locality
  • Coordinate with design team
  • Staff recruitment & training
  • Training the franchisee in routine operations
  • Source all the salon equipment
  • Do the initial role of raw material ordering
  • Guide the franchisee in legal & statutory requirements
  • Facilitate footfalls into the salon
  • Provide regular training on latest trends & techniques
  • Guide on budgets for optimizing profits
  • Provide/recruit manager to assist franchisee
  • Implement CRM initiatives
  • Support media/PR activities

Now you are all set to launch your NRB salon!!