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We are proud to be one of Hyderabad's premier Hair & Beauty training schools. We offer a creative and modern learning atmosphere in motto and practice. Excellent career opportunities are their at NRB for the best students who excel in their study. Some of our students who have prior experience and want to start their own salons do so. We offer hair and beauty courses for basic and advanced levels. Beginners and experienced professionals who want to upgrade their qualification gain from our courses of study.

Following are the courses:

Why train with us?

  • Our courses will help you adapt to the ever-changing needs of your clients
  • We have a nationwide network of store locations
  • Our courses are accredited and hosted by a range of professional organizations and highly skilled trainers, many of whom run their own businesses
  • Our small training groups will offer you close supervision and personal interaction, ensuring you have a great learning experience

Get NRB Qualification and become a practicing hair care/beauty expert at NRB.
Give the right streak of color for your career!